Wolves at the Door – 3 weeks in. Office move and contract work.

So hectic! The past three weeks have been such a crazy time for us: a pending office move, contract work and a business trip eating away at our time.

Instead of letting the very little time we had let us down, we decided to spend our evenings brainstorming and throwing ideas and new features in the GDD (see GDD definition if you’re not fluent with the gamedev lingo). Scoping and descoping, it was a rather exciting few weeks.

So all documents are now ready to get the Wolves at the Door prototype from concept to vertical slice as soon as we get the project into full-production.

Excited as we are about Wolves at The Door, we sought to find a talented artist to bring to life our game vision.

Everyone welcome Just a Pixel’s new addition Danielle English, which brings our company’s total permanent headcount to… 3 people! 🙂

Next steps?

With the game design documentation ready and Dannie working on the art concepts we’re close to being able to bring this to the attention of either the crowd or investors. For such a large scale project we’d definitely need to put together a larger team to support the development (another couple of programmers would be ideal, along with an environmental artist/level designer).

We hope you enjoyed reading this month’s post, if you have any questions please do contact us!

– Just a Pixel