This week I’ve been working at getting pathfinding and the basic UI implemented ahead of the larger game development effort. It’s been tricky but I think it’s now at a stage I’m comfortable with, here are some of the tweets tracking the progress.

January 7th

Further optimizations. Now road and building meshes are grouped into grids, this makes sure less is rendered off screen. Introduced a simple LOD sytem, low-quality meshes (less fidelity) are shown when at high-altitudes.

January 7th

A* pathfinding is in, nothing special at this point. Using the bare minimum of data needed to represent the graph (X/Y of node, List of neighbor nodes), can navigate from one side of the map to the other in 2ms.

January 7th

Having over 100 agents navigating and outputting their debug paths at run-time. Performance started to dip a fair bit after a while but it did produce some nice images.

January 8th

1000 units pathing at once, by this point I had multi-threaded the path-finding which significantly sped up the processing.

January 11th

Started work on the UI for the game, it’s slowly taking shape!


Have a cat, you’ve made it this far!