This week has been about having the player build a shelter, after last weeks work was focused on getting the world to be interactable the next logical step was to have the player cut down a tree and build something from it. After having the walls setup the next step was to keep the player warm (We now have rudimentary stat system that affects the health and movement speed based on the temperature), so we added a fire. Building a fire right now involves using two blocks of wood and placing the fire down. It burns forever right now but that will be changed in future versions.

A tiny little hut

The artwork is placeholder right now, we’re using any assets we can get our hands on to get the prototype together as fast as possible so expect the end result to change.

Placing walls down at the moment is pretty simple, you can place a wall where ever you look and rotate them with the arrow keys. If the wall doesn’t intersect with anything else then you can place it. Alternatively you can attach a wall to an already existing wall by aiming at its edges.

Harvesting materials

At the time of writing, the player can cut down any of the trees in the landscape and be left with a wood material. They can then use this to manufacture either fires or walls. It’s very much a proof-of-concept stage however once that system has been properly developed I will add in more advanced materials along with more items.

Whats next?

Next on the list of things to do, is getting the wildlife to interact with the player. By interact I mean eat, so getting the player attracting wolves, having them be afraid of fire (and having the fires run out).

Hope you enjoyed reading our little impromptu prototype dev-blog, be sure to follow us on Twitter for future blog updates or follow me if you’d like to see random screenshots over the course of the development process.


– Danny