Level Editors are coming soon…

That’s right, we’re making them! On top of other things we are working to create a easy-to-use level editor for everyone to be able to create their own levels and challenges. This week has been mostly setting the ground work for the editor and putting together a proof of concept of what it should look like. It’s early days for the prototype but we have made sure you can place objects and load / save the levels.

The next step to making the editor feature complete would be the addition of objectives, guards and story prompts (to let you write your own content into the game), then implementing the server side architecture to let us share the levels across the net.

Additional Story Content

This has also been in development this week, with Roberta taking care of the story aspects as well as adding in new mechanics to the game which we think will really add some replay value to the game. We want to create more of a back story to the character and explore some of the mechanics we felt didn’t get enough attention in the original game.

Watch this space…

With all the new features we are adding into Light, it may take some time, but like always we will be posting these updates weekly to make sure everyone knows what’s going on with the development.

Apologies for the short update, but we’re very very busy in our two person studio, but thank you so much for reading!

-Danny (@DGoodayle)