Brighton, East Sussex. 22nd of May 2014 Just a Pixel, Ltd., a company specializing in videogames and mobile application development, augmented and virtual reality installation pieces and tailored event pieces, is pleased to announce the move to a larger and newly renewed office located on 5 Orange Row, BN1 1UQ Brighton.

Continued company growth and the introduction of a new range of services covering virtual reality installation pieces and tailored event pieces have pushed our team to find new premises to support the need for more space.

“Just a Pixel evaluated various locations and shared solutions within Brighton to fulfil the requirement for a better location, client facing premises and allow the studio to grow in number over the upcoming two years. The new ground floor premises will allow us to work with bulky equipment and experimental and tailored new pieces of technology without having to lose on desk space.

The proximity to Brighton Station and the Laines allow quick access to the premises, and the location is tucked away enough from main roads to retain the peaceful and creative atmosphere we want to achieve and retain.

We would also like to thank Escape Hatch for welcoming us to share premises with their friendly staff and we look forward to have a great year together.” – Roberta Saliani, Co-Founder and CEO, Just a Pixel Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Just a Pixel is a new start-up co-founded by Danny Goodayle and Roberta Saliani. Known for being the first developer published by Team 17 after 23 years, Just a Pixel is the creator of LIGHT (PC), Flipper (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, OUYA, Linux), Fall on Oculus Rift, a procedural city generator that used real-world map data and many augmented and virtual reality tailored solutions for multiple clients.

For further information about Just a Pixel please visit or call 01273930230.

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